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It is normal if coin collectors want to have famous coin collections. Currently, many famous coin collections are available either in museums or in private vaults. A good example is the famous Hermitage Collection that contains more than 63,000 ancient Greek coins. However, not all collectors are interested in this kind of collection. If you have no interest on coins from ancient periods, it is likely that this type of famous coin collections is not your preference as well.

Famous coin collections come from different parts of the world. Asian coins displayed in museums usually come from the 13th to the 15th century, although many of them are unknown and only made known when they are put up for auction or if they are stolen. Most private collectors do not want to tell the details of their coins to public because they collect coins only for private pleasure and not for getting rich. Another reason is that secrecy also can reduce the risk of attempted theft.

The interest of coin collectors is the major factor to determine whether a particular set of coins can be considered as famous coin collections. For example, many coin collectors are interested on U.S. coins and thus if you have a complete set of coins from 1792 to today, then it can be considered as one of famous coin collections.

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The value of coins

When you are considering about famous coin collections, you should understand that a value and a price of coins are two different terms. For coin collectors who want to know the prices of coins, they can get the information from the Red Book of coin collecting. Normally the prices listed indicate the cost to buy a coin or the replacement value if the coin is lost.

For a more accurate price if you want to find out how much you should sell your coin collections to a dealer, you can find the information from the Blue Book of coin collecting. Usually it presents the price of coins from the dealer perspective in order for them to make a profit. Coin collecting is considered as a business as well and thus a coin appraiser must have a license.

The value of famous coin collections, on the other hand, depends on the demand or the number of people who want to pay to get those collections. These collections can be sold in pieces to bring a higher total price or sold as a single unit to keep its integrity as famous coin collections.

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